Acti9 Smartlink SI B - Modbus TCP/IP and Wireless communication module

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This Acti 9 Smartlink SI B is a Modbus Master TCP/IP and Wireless smart communication module with 7 channels and 1 analog input. It communicates with the auxiliaries iACT24 for iCT contactors, iATL24 for iTL impulse relays, iOF+SD24 for iC60, iID, ARA, RCA & iSW-NA. It can master up to 8 Acti 9 SmartLink ModBus or other ModBus slaves connected thanks to the RS485 Modbus connector. It is used to transfer data from Acti 9 devices to a PLC or network monitoring system thanks to the RJ45 Ethernet connector. It communicates also with OF+SD24 for C60, C120, DPN, ID & C60H-DC, Ti24 for RCA iC60 & Reflex iC60. It can associated upto 20 PowerTag energy sensors with radiofrequency communication. It is supplied with1 power supply connector 24VDC, 2 bolts for mounting on Linergy FM80. The link is Ethernet 10/100MB. The transfer rate is self-adaptable from 9600 to 19200 baud. The Modbus addresing range is 1 to 247. It is a 4-pin connector type of bus. The It is a plug-in connection. The maximum length of the bus is 1000m. The maximum cable length is 30m. The voltage power supply is 24VDC +/- 10%. The Maximum input current is 1,5A. The Maximum inrush current is 3A. The degree of protection is IP20. The pollution degree is 3. It complies with RoHS directive. The duration of saving memory is 10 years. The dimensions are (W) 359mm x (H) 23mm x (D) 42mm. The weigth is 180g. The operating temperature is -25°C to + 60°C and only +50°C if vertical mouting. The storage temperature is -40°C to + 80°C. This product complies with IEC/EN 61131-2 standard.

range of product Acti 9
product name Acti 9 Smartlink
product or component type Smart communication module
device short name Smartlink SI B Ethernet
Application type Basic energy metering E
Improved load monitoring E, U, I, P, Pf
Load alarming
Load control
Breaker status monitoring
Number max of connected devices Up to 7 wired devices
Up to 20 wireless devices
group of channels 1 group of 7 digital channels
1 group of 1 analog channel
maximum supply current 1.5 A
[Us] rated supply voltage 24 V DC +/- 20 %.
connectivity to devices Analog input
Digital input and output
Pulse output meter
Wireless energy sensor
communication service Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP server,Web server
web server BMS controller compatible,Embedded web page