Acti 9

Distribution Boards

Part of 9 Series

"Inspiring the S.M.A.R.T. choice!!!".

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  • Wide range: SPN, TPN, PPI, Flexi, PSG, VTPN DB (up to 250A MCCB Incomer), Enclosures, P&S Units.

  • Ingress Protection: Single Door – IP30, Double Door – IP43, Tested and Validated by CPRI.

  • Impact Protection: Single Door – IK08, Double Door – IK09, Tested and Validated by ERDA.

  • Designed and Manufactured as per IS8623.

  • Aesthetically superior DB with unique rounded corners and powder coated with RAL 9003 white color.

  • 15% more wiring area.

  • Reversible Door.

  • Enhanced safety with Isolated N-bar, FRLS wire set, Insulated phase busbars, Removed all injurious sharp corners, Plastic stud for CP removal.

  • Revolutionary Gasket: Enhanced IP protection and higher service life over typical traditional gasket.

  • RoHS and REACH Compliance.


  • Spectacular Design - Blends seamlessly with interiors.

  • Maximized Wiring Space - Convenient and Safe wiring.

  • Adaptable - Total Flexibility for ease of installation and usage.

  • Robust Architecture - Perfect blend of Strength & WeightTechnically Proven - Safety Guaranteed.

  • Technically Proven - Safety Guaranteed.


  • It is housing to mount multiple electrical Modular devices (like MCBs, RCCBs, Surge Protection Devices, Change over switch, Isolators, indicating devices etc.) used for distribution, protection , control and automation at final distribution level.