Acti 9 xID and ID 125 RCCBs

Acti 9 xID & ID 125 Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) up to 125A

Residual Current Circuit Breaker or RCCB is a type of circuit breaker that ensures electrical protection and prevents accidents, deaths and other mishaps. This device senses current and interrupts low voltage circuits in case of faults by disconnecting the primary circuit within seconds.The Acti 9 xID and ID 125 by Schneider Electric are professional-grade RCCBs that provide optimum safety with long and reliable service.

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A Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is an essential safety measure when it comes to the safeguarding of all electrical circuits. These are current sensing devices, which can automatically detect and disconnect the circuit whenever a mishap occurs in the connected circuit or even when the current exceeds the rated sensitivity. Schneider Electric is a leading player in electrical protection with the Acti 9 xID and ID 125 residual current circuit breakers being prominent offerings.

  • Nominal current: up to 125A.

  • 30mA sensitivity: additional protection against direct contact (in accordance with IEC 364).

  • 100, 300, 500 mA sensitivities: additional protection against fire and indirect contact (in accordance with IEC 364).

  • Class AC - for normal installation.

  • Class Si (New) - for electrically disturbed networks (with harmonics, pulsating DC components etc.) & for harsh environments (presence of corrosive atmosphere, chemical gases, humid location etc).

  • 4P RCCB is also suitable for 3phase 3 wire installation.

  • Conforms to IS 12640 and IEC/EN 61008.

  • ISI and CE marked.

  • Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standards: IEC 60947.

  • Intermediate auxiliary required for add-on protection and indication auxiliaries.

  • ID-125 RCCBs are suitable for indication OFsp auxiliary only.

  • Suitable for additional Protection and Indication auxiliaries: ON/OFF, Trip, Shunt trip, Undervoltage trip, Overvoltage trip, Communication Auxiliary.


  • Easy monitoring: Earth fault indication on front face.

  • Immunity against nuisance tripping.

  • New SI RCDs offers enhanced immunity to electrical disturbances and polluted & corrosive environments.

  • Ensures no accidental contact with live part – Finger-proof IP-20 terminals.

  • Avoids false insertion of cables and loose termination with Pull up terminals.

  • Environmentally friendly with 100% recyclable & recoverable materials.


Protection in all industrial and commercial buildings against:

  • Electrocution (in accordance with installation standard IEC 60364 and national standards).

  • The risk of fire due to current leakage into building electrical installations.