Altivar 212

Dedicated HVAC drives for 0.75 to 75 kW motors

Part of Altivar

Orientated towards performance, intelligence and building protection.

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About Altivar 212

The Altivar 212 drive is designed for the most common fluid management applications (HVAC) in the service sector buildings, such as:

  • Ventilation.

  • Heating and air conditioning .

  • Pumping Its eco-energy design ensures a reduction in energy consumption of up to 70% compared to a conventional control system. It is eco-friendly and compliant with environmental protection directives such as RoHS, WEEE, etc.

  • Altivar 212 is operational from the moment the power is on; it can achieve maximum energy efficiency in your building.

Benefits of Altivar 212

HVAC dedicated

  • Focused on Building Management Systems (BMS).


  • Easy set-up, commissioning and diagnostics tools.


  • Embedded functionalities and energy saving.

Protection & efficiency

  • Integrated EMC filter and anti-harmonic technology, BMS dedicated functions.

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