Easy Altivar 310

Optimized drives for machines from 0.37 to 30 kW

Part of Easy Series

Particularly suitable for applications involving industrial machines, the Easy Altivar 310 variable speed drive is a frequency inverter for three-phase 380…460 V asynchronous motors rated from 0.37 kW/0.5 HP to 30kW/40HP.

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Easy Altivar 310 drives are part of the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader.

When just enough is just right!

Fit for purpose products

  • Optimized installation space: Small footprint and side by side mounting for even more cabinet space savings.

  • Optimized time and cost: minimize installation and debugging time thanks to the Plug & Play concept, the clear identification of the power terminal and connection labels, the clear wiring diagram, the short menu design and the user-friendly interface.

  • Service costs savings: components are designed to last for ten years, even in harsh environments.

  • Focus on essential functions with no compromise on quality.


  • Easy to install: quicker and easier installation with integrated Modbus communication and the numerous, easy to identify markings.

  • Easy to set up and use: short menu label sticking on product, and full parameter list ; can be configured in complete safety with the power off, even in its packaging, using the Multi-Loader console. ; quick start guide for immediate setup.

  • Easy to maintain: cooling fan can be changed without any tool.

Robustness in any situation (harsh environments...)

  • Robust design for harsh environment: air flow system and resistance to disturbed power supplies are designed to withstand even the harshest environments ; all cards are coated as standard ; can work in temperatures up to 55°C without derating ; long-life components (10 years service life) .

  • Ever higher protection and performance for your motors: adaptability to different motors and various tough loads ; protection upstream of the drive in the event of a short-circuit on the power stage.


  • Supported by the service of Schneider Electric, a worldwide leader in automation and control.

  • Wide availability throughout an extensive distribution network.


Introducing the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader in automation.

Altivar Easy 310 drives are entry-level products that are perfectly tailored to meet the specific requirements of emerging markets. In other words, they answer to the following challenges: fit for purpose at affordable price with no compromise on easiness, robustness, availability and services.


Easy Altivar 310 drive incorporates functions that are suitable for the most common applications, including:

  • Textile machine.

  • Machine tools.

  • Wood making machine.

  • Material handling.

  • Packaging and printing machines.

  • Ceramic machine.

  • General machine control.