Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

Soft starters for Process & Infrastructures from 3 to 900 kW

Part of Altivar

The Altivar™ Soft Starter ATS480 is the next evolution of soft starters for digitization optimized to meet cybersecurity standard. Designed to address process and infrastructures, ATS480 simplifies project execution and maximizes the availability of your applications, even in the most demanding environments. ATS480 builds on the proven robustness and start/stop performance extending the lifetime of the ATS48 equipment and preserving your initial investment by reusing current design.

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About Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

The Altivar Soft Starter ATS480 unit is a controller with 6 thyristors used for torque-controlled soft starting and stopping of three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors, for power ratings between 4 and 900 kW.

It offers soft starting and deceleration functions along with machine and motor protection functions, as well as functions for communicating with control systems.

Benefits of Altivar Soft Starter ATS480

Cost-effective solution

  • Reduce mechanical stress and improve machine availability.

Easy integration

  • Designed to be integrated into enclosures and control systems.

High performance

  • Torque Control System (TCS) to control starting and deceleration.

Integrated protection functions

  • Built in thermal protection for the motor, as well as protection against underloads and overcurrents in a steady state.

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