Compact NS80H MA

Compact NS80H MA molded case circuit breakers are pending obsolescence in 2018. It is replaced by TeSys GV4.

Part of PacT Series

Reductions in manufacturing capacity and component inventories will ramp down towards end of commercialization dates below. This page is designed to assist all customer using legacy Compact NS80H MA (and Compact NSE75) with the transition to TeSys GV4 motor circuit breakers. Refer to the timeline, tools and resources below to support you through the transition period.

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Transition Timeline.

Q1 2018 Introduction of TeSys GV4.

Q4 2018 Compact NS80H MA (and Compact NSE75) circuit breakers no longer available for purchase.

    Finding a Replacement

  • TeSys GV4 up to 115 A motor circuit breakers are the designated replacement for Compact NS80H MA applications. TeSys GV4 is a compact, robust and innovative range of motor circuit breakers a part of the TeSys range. With its convenient design, it can easily accommodate your customers’ needs and applications.

  • Discover the new TeSys GV4 which is replacing Compact NS80H MA:

  • Up to 115 A FLC / 100 kA.

  • Lug or EverLink power connectors.

  • Option: Electronic advanced protection.