EasyLogic DM1000/DM3000 series

digital panel meters

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The EasyLogic DM1000/DM3000 series digital panel meters are easy to use and easy to read. The DM1000 series meters are single-phase digital panel meters. The DM3000 series meters are three-phase digital panel meters. The follow models are available for the EasyLogic DM1000/DM3000 series meters :


  • DM1110 - Single phase ammeter.

  • DM1210 - Single-phase voltmeter.

  • DM1310 - Single-phase frequency meter.

  • DM3110 - Three-phase ammeter.

  • Compact size, form factor (96*96*44mm).

  • 4 digit, 15mm height, 7 segment LED display.

  • Auto scaling & direct readings.

  • LED indicators for phase identification in 3-ph meters.

  • Accuracy of 0.5% on full scale for Volt & Ammeter, 0.2% for Hz meter.

  • Inbuilt selector switch in 3-ph meter model.

  • Single key for programming, navigation or as selector switch.


  • Replace multiple analog meters in the circuit.

  • The easy choice for quality - Designed and manufactured in ISO-certified Schneider Electric facilities.

  • The easy choice for value - The right balance of features and price.
  • The easy choice for peace of mind - Reliable performance where you need it.


  • Panel instrumentation.

  • Monitoring and verification for Test bench, Genset, labs, and OEMs.