Easy Modicon ABL2

Single phase power supplies 100 V to 240 V from 35 to 350 W

Part of Easy Series

Performance focused essential switch mode power supplies from 1.5 to 14.6A for repetitive machines.

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The Easy Modicon ABL2 electronic switch mode power supply offer is designed to provide the DC voltage necessary for electrical equipment operating in a low voltage automation and control system (PLC, HMI, sensors, etc.). Our products incorporate advanced technology features: they are compact, and offer high performance and easy maintenance, thus reducing downtime.

  • Compact dimensions.

  • Wide power range (7 models from 35 to 350 W).

  • High degree of output voltage stability (precision: ± 1%).

  • Proven performance (MTBF over 600K hours).

  • Diagnostics via LEDs at the output terminal.

  • 4 quick and simple mounting types.

  • Integrated output/overload/overvoltage and short-circuit protection with Hiccup restart for all models and overtemperature for models from 200 to 350 W.

  • Input overvoltage protection (for 35 to 150 W models).

  • Protective terminal cover to prevent direct finger contact, helping to protect against electric shock hazards.


The Easy Modicon ABL2 range now features 7 models (from 35 to 350 W) whereas other equivalent ranges on the market typically offer 4 models.

  • The Easy Modicon ABL2 power supplies are more compact than previous versions (up to 20% smaller). They are also smaller than other models currently available on the market, thus saving space inside a cabinet for other electric appliances.

  • Moreover, the high performance of these products (24 V DC stable output) means less downtime and their high-efficiency design means lower energy consumption.

  • Ease of use throughout the whole life cycle:

  • direct mounting on back panel.

  • mounting on rear 35 mm (1.37 in.) din rails.
  • mounting with 4-corner bracket.

  • mounting with L-type accessories.


The Easy Modicon ABL2 power supplies range is able to meet the needs encountered in standard commercial machines and conforms to worldwide standards. This range can be widely used with other electronic appliances and systems in the industry. OEMs and panel builders can easily integrate it into their machines or machine control panels. OEMs can integrate these power supplies in simple machines used in the following fields:

  • wind power.

  • textile industry.

  • packaging.

  • machine tools.

  • food industry.