Easy Altivar 610

Drives for pumps and fans from 0.75 to 160 kW

Part of Easy Series

IP 20 frequency inverter for three-phase asynchronous motors, specially designed for pump and fan applications in the following market segments: Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, building management and energy plant.

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Altivar Easy 610 drives are part of the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader.

When just enough is just right!

Fit for purpose products

  • Integrated optimized EMC filter and DC choke, anti disturbance and harmonics without options.

  • Just enough I/O ports quantity, flexible integration into automation system.

  • Modbus communication embedded, Profibus DP as option.


  • Compact size: simplicity of integration and reduction of the size of the enclosures.

  • Easy and quick installation, wiring and operation with the "Quick start“.

  • User-friendly graphic display terminal: 6 or 20 integrated languages (English, Chinese…) depending on the model.

  • Duplicate the configuration by keypad from one powered-up drive on another powered-up drive.

  • Easy integration on an enclosure door: remote display terminal with a Ø 22mm quick-mounting system.

  • Colored control circuit terminals to avoid misuse.

  • 7 pre-programmed function blocks cover 90% of the pump and fan applications.

  • Simply start menu cover the most frequently used parameters.

Robustness in any situation (harsh environments...)

  • Innovative cooling air flow separate from the printed circuit board to avoid dust and oil corrosion.

  • Electronic cards with protective coating.

  • Busbar plating to avoid chemical gas corrosion.

  • Improved insulation level in power part.

  • Operation temperature: - 10…+ 60°C.

  • IP40 protection level on top of the product.


  • Supported by the service of Schneider Electric, a worldwide leader in automation and control.

  • Wide availability throughout an extensive distribution network.


Introducing the Easy line, the essential automation & control products from a worldwide leader in automation.

Altivar Easy 610 drives are entry-level products that are perfectly tailored to meet the specific requirements of emerging markets. In other words, they answer to the following challenges: fit for purpose at affordable price with no compromise on easiness, robustness, availability and services.


Altivar Easy 610 drives have been specifically designed for:

Domains & applications:

  • Process & machine management / Pump & fan control: Air cooling system fan, Circulating pump, Cooling fan, Draught fan.

  • Building management: Fan, Circulating pump.

Market Segments:

  • Water & Wastewater: intake pump, boosting pump, lifting pump, aeration blower.

  • Oil & Gas: circulating pump, drain pump, oil transfer pump.