Enerlin'x FDM

LCD displays for energy data

Part of Pact Series

Micrologic measurement capabilities come into full play with the FDM switchboard displays.

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Connected to a circuit-breaker through prefabricated strands, Enerlin'X FDM 121 displays measurements, alarms, history and event tables, maintenance indicators.

Enerlin'X FDM128 collects and displays data from up to 8 circuit breakers. It features :

  • graphical view of electrical measures and breaker status.

  • touch screen navigation and controls.

  • Ethernet and Modbus connectivities.

  • Enerlin'X FDM displays are fully part of Smart Panels digitized switchoboards system..


  • Fast access to essential information.

  • Connects to Acti 9, Compact NSX, Compact NS, PowerPact or Masterpact switchgears.


Benefits from all features embedded in Micrologic trip units

  • Status indication and remote control.