Enerlin'X Com'X

Energy servers and data loggers

Part of EcoStruxure

Comprehensive views of energy consumption, enabling energy efficiency actions.

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Com’X devices collect energy data throughout the building, from :

  • electrical distribution devices (meters, switchgear) and Smart Panels .

  • gas, steam, air or water metering devices.

  • temperature and environmental sensors.

  • They deliver the data on local area network (LAN) or to remote servers, to enable :

  • smart displays : dashboards, historical graph charts, etc, accessible with just a usual web browser (Com’X510), or remotely thanks to Powerview Remote Access service.

  • advanced processing by StruxureWare™ solutions , such as Energy Operation web service, Power Monitoring Expert, or by third-party Building Management System.


Data collection from up to 64 field devices, each of them connected to either :

  • Modbus over RS485 serial line.
  • Modbus TCP/IP over Ethernet.
  • Zigbee wireless digital.
  • Automatic detection and IP address assignment, by operating system of computers.
  • Automatic detection and recognition of Schneider Electric field devices.
  • Manual object creation and configuration of third-party field devices.
  • Data selection for collection and publication through web pages, accessible with any standard browser.
  • Advanced diagnostics an troubleshooting features.


Com’X 510 energy server : all-in-one-box energy management solution

  • especially suitable for buildings up to 10,000 sq. meters.

  • as soon as connected, provides detailed and global views of energy consumptions,

  • easy to read and understand, inside familiar user interface (web browser) .
  • minimum investment : no additional hardware or software required .

  • later evolutions to include applications and remote services by Schneider Electric..