Fupact NX

Switch Disconnector fuses

Part of PacT Series

32 - 630A Switch Disconnector Fuse.

  • Presentations


  • Nominal current In 32 – 630A.

  • Available in 11 current performances 32,63,80,100,125,160,200,250,315,400,630A.

  • Available in 3P/4P variants.

  • Modular pole type assembly.

  • Site convertibility of fuse carrier from DIN to BS.

  • Isolable Neutral link as a standard.

  • Only SDFs give Icw performance.

  • High short circuit making and breaking capacity.

  • Site fittable accessories.


Switch at safety

  • Fupact stands for innovation in terms of enduring reliability ,operational

  • flexibility and fool-proof safety. Product is designed to excel in Indian

  • conditions. It has passed the most stringent quality tests and go beyond the world wide standards.


Fupact SDFs are designed to perform in all electrical distribution networks.

  • Elecrical distribution network.

  • DG applications.

  • Motor feeders.

  • Capacitor feeders.

  • AC/DC applications