Harmony XB4

Ø 22 mm modular metal pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights

Part of Harmony

The modular range of Ø 22 mm metal control and signaling units combines simplicity of installation, modern standard and flush mounted design, flexibility, and robustness, high level of customization to meet most industrial applications.

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Discover Harmony XB4

What’s new about Harmony XB4

  • Harmony delivers an innovative and ergonomic design that improves the reliability of panels, machines, and processes.

  • The flush-mounting solution: Built-in flush pushbuttons and flush mounting kit accessories.

  • Define your style with powerful customization options:

  • Pushbuttons with marking, illuminated pushbuttons, and pilot lights caps.

  • Markings on the bezel for all built-in flush products and accessories, like legend plates and legend panels.

  • Increase operational efficiency for easy location of your emergency stop.

  • Download Harmony XB4 catalog.

  • Customize now.


Facts about Harmony XB4

A complete range to provide the relevant functions for your panels and machines.

Pushbutton switches, Selector/key switches, Emergency stop buttons, Multiple-headed pushbuttons, Pilot lights, Illuminated pushbuttons, and selector switches. Various accessories including flush mounting kits, protective covers, and legend plates.

  • Conformity with IEC, UL, CSA, CCC EAC, and JIS standards, as well as CE marking and marine approvals.

  • Up to IP66, 67, 69, 69K, and type 4X protection ratings.

  • Operating temperature from -40°C –to 70°C.

  • Shock protection level up to IK06.

  • High vibration resistance with shake-proof terminal screws.

  • A large set of accessories to customize your panels.

  • With various types of connection: screw clamp, connector, Faston connector, spring terminal, or printed circuit board.

  • A wide choice of contact blocks for general purposes or specific applications (low current, standard, or high power switching).

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