Harmony XB6

Ø 16 mm plastic pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights

Part of Harmony

The modular and monolithic range of Ø 16 mm plastic control and signaling offers modular and monolithic designs that provide flexibility and simplicity of setup in industrial and commercial applications.

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  • Complete products.

  • Products for customer assembly using separate parts and common accessories.

  • Circular, square or rectangular heads.

  • Solder tab connections (compatible with Faston connection for contact function) or pins for printed circuit board connection.

  • Degree of protection: IP 65.

  • Certifications CE, UL, CSA, CCC.

  • Contact functions

  • Pushbuttons with spring return.

  • Selector switches and key switches, 2 or 3 positions.

  • Mushroom head pushbuttons.

  • Emergency stops.

  • Light functions

  • LED pilot lights « Protected LED », neon and incandescent bulbs.

  • Combined functions (contact + light)

  • Illuminated pushbuttons, flush push, spring return and latching.

  • Illuminated selector switches.


Progress with confidence Compact, the Harmony Ø 16 mm range is specifically designed for applications where the surface area is restricted.

This range combines simplicity of setup and flexibility.

The IP 65 degree of protection enables it to be used in all types of applications.


  • Industry: Small finishing machines. Local and remote control panels.

  • Buildings: Control boards, surveillance rooms, alarms.

  • Tertiary: Laboratories and medical instrumentation. Transport. Small electronic equipment.