Harmony XB7

Ø 22 mm monolithic plastic pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights

Part of Harmony

The compact range of Ø 22 mm plastic control and signaling units offers optimized design that provides complete functions in a single part number, for simple simplifying ordering and installation in electrical distribution and machine applications.

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Spring return push buttons, illuminated push buttons, mushroom head emergency stop buttons with snap-action locking, selector switches, etc. Also, integrated LEDs with incandescent and neon lights.

  • Conformity with IEC, UL, CSA standards.

  • CE marking.

  • IP 54.

  • Protected terminals.

  • Screw clamp connection, monobloc.

  • Complete products.

  • Accessories.


Progress with confidence

This compact and low-cost range is simple to use and quick to install. As it cannot be dismantled from the front, its integrity ensures maximum safety for people and installations.


  • Industry: machine manufacturers, chemical industry, paper mill.

  • Service sector and infrastructure: energy distribution panel builders, food and beverage, car washes.