Harmony FP6

Industrial flat panel monitor

Part of Harmony

Harmony FP6 meets demands for improved user experience such as high-end quality operation, functionality to manipulate larger amounts of information.

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Promises the best visualization for an Industrial Flat Panel Monitor.

The new Harmony FP6 allows for adaption of various host devices while providing high-quality, intuitive and robust design and display, improving your monitoring and operation. It provides the next platform for your digital transformation and experience.

  • Wider lineup

  • From 10" to 22" wide models and 12.1" to 15" 4x3 models.

  • Stylish appearance

  • Narrow frame and thin design.

  • Visibility.

  • High resolution with glass-top surface design.

  • Operability.

  • Capacitive, multi-touch display for intuitive operation.

  • Noise resistive touch drive (optimized noise filter).

  • Adapt various environments by touch mode configuration (standard mode, glove mode, water detection mode).

  • Reliability.

  • Adapt industrial environment such as temperature range, humid, vibration, shock and water/dust protection.

  • Connect with various host devices such as Harmony P6, Harmony iPC or third-party PC via DVI and USB.


Enhanced operator experience

  • Smooth and intuitive operation.

  • Easy-to-recognize condition with high visible display.

  • Modern look for your machines/facilities.

  • Enhanced reliability, robust industrial panel for asset reliability and optimization.
  • Best care across customer experience to ensure business continuity.


Harmony FP6 is suitable for the following applications:

  • Operation panel for machines or facilities for industrial automation.

  • Separated installation, host PC/devices and the Industrial Flat Panel Monitor to adapt to environments, minimizing space/weight, etc.

  • Secondary monitor to enhance operability and productivity.