Hexa Series EM64xxH and PM1130H

Multifunction, Energy and Dual Source Meters.

Part of Easy Series

Ideal for replacing multiple analogue meters for stand-alone metering in custom panels, switchboards, switchgear, genset panels, motor control centres, power factor improvement panels and OEM panel boards.

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Introducing Hexa Series EM64xxH and PM1130H meters that are ideal replacement for multiple analog meters for standalone metering in custom panels, switch boards, switchgear, genset panels, motor control centres, power factor improvement panels, and OEM panel board. The dual source multifunction meters are for the measurement of power and energy from the alternate source system.


  • Best in Class accuracy: Class 0.5 & 1.0 as per IEC 62053-22 & IEC 62053-21 respectively..

  • High sampling rate of 32 samples/cycle at 50Hz.

  • Dual or alternate source metering with Relay, THD%, Demand and separate registers for Energy & Life timer counters.

  • Configurable favorite page – pick and place parameters of your choice on the display.

  • Shallow depth of 49mm [52mm for Dual Source] for compact panel.

  • On site calibration verification with Pulse LED.

  • Heart beat LED for meter diagnostics.

  • Suppression current for input metering.

  • Modbus RS485 communication port.

  • Multi-colored analogue load bar with over load indication.

  • Configurable password for measurement integrity.

  • Demand measurement with configurable cycle time and demand synchronization feature. Maximum demand recording.

  • Color coded analog load bar with 12 LED’s to indicate the percentage of load.

  • CT Reversal: Auto correction of energy parameters.

  • Wiring scheme: User programmable 13 wiring schemes in 3-phase, 2-phase, 1-phase electrical network.

  • UL Listed & CE certification as per latest standard UL/ IEC 61010-1 edition 3.


  • Reduce energy costs by tracking energy consumption and backup of integrated parameters.
  • 14.2 mm height, bright red, 3 lines with 4 digits each 8 segment LED helps distant viewing.
  • Suppression current configurable from 5 to 99mA to disregard induced/ Low Load current.
  • Auto Scaling with Kilo, Mega, indication.
  • Page lock feature to set commonly viewed page.
  • Data integrity to disable communication from the front panel of the meter.
  • Seamless integration into any modbus compatible SCADA-Energy Management System (EMS).
  • Accurate measurements of two sources of energy (utility vs genset/ solar/ wind or any two sources).
  • Track Generator overloading using Load bars.
  • G-Smart Sensor supports multiple generator paralleling and bus islanding schemes.


  • Suitable for any industry, Buildings, Commercial, Hotels.

  • Control Panels.

  • Genset Panels.
  • Power Distribution Panels.