Interpact INS/INV switches

LV switch-disconnectors

LV switch-disconnectors

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  • Voltage rating: 690 V.

  • Nominal current: 40 to 2500 A.

  • Categories: AC23A/AC22A.

  • No derating up to 60 °C.

  • Voltage impulse withstand: 8 kV.

  • Mounting on DIN rail (up to INS160) and on mounting plate.

  • Positive break indication (INS range) or visible isolation (INV range).

  • 3 and 4-pole versions in the same volume.

  • Class 2 device on the front panel.

  • Front operating mechanism as standard and side operating mechanism as option (up to INS250).

  • One-piece source changeover switch.

  • Remote indication thanks to auxiliary contacts.

  • Accessories in common with the range of Compact NS circuit-breakers.

  • Compliance with international standards IEC 60947-1 and -3, UL489 (up to 400 A), VDE 660 and 113, CNOMO..


By adapting to a whole host of LV applications, the Interpact INS/INV switch-disconnectors offer all the safety that the user requires. Designed for maximum performance and safety, this comprehensive and homogeneous range operates with the connection accessories shared with the Compact NS range.


The Interpact INS/INV switch-disconnectors perform control and disconnection of electrical distribution circuits in the tertiary and industrial sectors:

  • Source coupling.

  • Local disconnection box.

  • Final distribution box.

  • Automation box.

  • Emergency stop switch.

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