Industrial switchgear.

Industrial Switchgear 56 SERIES

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  • Designed to satisfy customer needs, precisely engineered & carefully manufactured, Industrial Switchgear is as versatile as your requirement.

  • Industrial Switchgear, being one of the most important component of our Industries, has to be tough, safe, able to take hard knocks and give reliable performance under many adverse conditions.

  • 56 SERIES satisfy these challenges with the use of durable engineering plastics.

  • The 56 SERIES has been tested for protection against ingress of water & dust to International Protection Range IP 56, and in many instances exceeded this level of protection.


    Dust Resistant

  • Because of its tough enclosure casing is dust-resistant. The aesthetic appearance of the 56 SERIES makes it an ideal choice for installation in commercial facilities like Studios, shopping centers, warehouses. What more it is acceptable alongside the public or domestic swimming pool.

  • Safety in Operation

  • The range is has been equipped with facility for double padlocking. When the plugs are removed, the socket flaps is automatically locks into place preventing dust or water from entering.

  • All products of 56 SERIES are available in UV Stabilised rigid polycarbonate which has excellent strength compared to other compatible plastic products. The range has special Chemical resistant and is suitable for indoor application where aggressive alkalis cleaners are used such as Food processing plants, Dairies, Hotel Kitchens etc.

  • Introduction of transparent plastic material enables the inspection and checking of the components pin / socket configuration & wiring at a glance, while still providing protection against the elements.

  • Design to Mix and Match

  • What suits one industry might not be perfect match for another. 56 SERIES was specially design to Mix and Match. There is extensive choice of elements of the range which are Modular. Mounting enclosure range in size from 1 to16 gang. This allows assemblies to be customized from a single switch station to a large electrical control panel.


  • Lighting control in large basements parking area, lift wells, residential utility area, terraces, corridors, etc.