Magelis XBT N, R, RT

Small panels

Part of Harmony

Compact terminals.

  • Presentations
  • Documents


    High visibility display

  • Display units with 1 to 10 lines.

  • Large-size characters.

  • 3-color back lighting.

  • Looped text scrolling.

  • Open to international applications

  • Multiple languages : ASCII,Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese and Chinese.

  • 128 customizable characters.

  • Text import/export for translation.

  • Number of languages for your application limited only by the memory of your Magelis XBT.

  • Ergonomic

  • Large choice of users interfaces.

  • Touch screen/keypad or keypad only.

  • 8 to 20 keys.

  • Customisable and configurable key using sets of labels.

  • Simplicity

  • Only one software for the entire compact range: Vijeo Designer Lite.

  • Minimum size.

  • Easy to integrate, to assemble and wire.


The "new generation" stars terminals.

  • Display text messages, or semi-graphic screen, perform diagnostics, control and adjust your control system devices... the Magelis XBT N, R, RT brings you greater convenience and ease of use, with a substantially reduced size. With the new Magelis XBT RT, you benefit from a touch screen and semi-graphic display..


  • Simple and compact machines builders.