Magelis XBT GC, GT

HMI controllers with 5.7" color screens with 32 I/Os including standard mounting with cut-out

Part of Harmony

Powered by EcoStruxure Machine Expert software, Magelis XBT GC is a compact and flexible HMI controller range delivering up to 15% savings on design, setup, operation and maintenance.

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HMI controllers for your machines.

    XBT GC : Comptactness & Integration:

  • 5.7" color screen type, 4 connection options (USB, Serial Line, CANopen & Ethernet).

  • 2 I/O categories (Embedded or distributed CANopen), Telefast option for embedded I/Os, HSC 100 KHz & 4 PTO 65 KHz.

  • Web Gate web server (Ethernet version).

  • XBT GC is powered by EcoStruxure Machine Expert software


With control inside.

  • The Magelis XBT GC HMI controller combines human machine interface and control system functions in a single product. The high level of integration makes it extremely compact while simplifying control system equipment. Highly economical, this product helps reduce costs throughout the life cycle of your machines, regardless of production run length or the level of customization.