Magelis XBT GH

Advanced hand-held Panel

Part of Harmony

Schneider Electric’s Magelis XBT GH is enlarging Magelis Advanced Panel range bringing mobility. Powered by Vijeo Designer and based on the same technology as XBT GT, this hand-held panel perfectly associates operability and safety..

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The Magelis XBT GH hand-held graphical panel meets your demand for the greatest safety, integrating the best components :

  • Drop resistance in accordance with IEC 1131-2.

  • IP65 body.

  • Dead-man switch (3 Safety positions for protecting operator).

  • Key switch to secure the terminal start-up.

  • Emergency stop button, IEC60947-5-1 for machines requiring a safety level up to SIL3.

  • High quality VGA TFT analog color touch screen 5.7’’, 65 k colors.

  • 11 function keys with insert labels.

  • One hand carrying capability, left or right handed.

  • Lightweight (1 kg max).

  • Dedicated soft cable (3 or 10 m) with a junction box.

  • Communication interfaces with Serial line, Ethernet, USB and CF slot..


Mobility, Operability and Safety !.

    Mobility :

  • One soft cable providing easy and fast connection.

  • Operability :

  • One portable graphic terminal to control and maintain securely your industrial applications.

  • Safety :

  • One safety control system integrating the best technology.


  • Industrial Machines.

  • Infrastructures.