Magelis XBT GT

Advanced Touchscreen Panels

Part of Harmony

Graphic terminals .

  • Presentations
  • Documents


    Comfort in use and operating facility

  • High visibility screen with TFT 65 536 colors, STN 4 096 colors or Monochrome 8/16 gray levels, according to the model.

  • Accurate analog touch pad.

  • Adjustable contrast et brightness.

  • Multi-windows with pop-up.

  • Up to 40 fonts (latin, japanese, chinese, cyrillic,...).

  • Set-up facility

  • Compactness.

  • Quick mounting with tool free spring clips.

  • USB ports to connect your peripherals, to increase your connections, and to save time in your data transfer.

  • Compact flash cards up to 1Gb.

  • Easy Interchangeability with previous Magelis XBT G.

  • Outstanding openness

  • Numerous communication ports (serial lines, Ethernet,...).

  • Multilink capability on all communication ports.

  • And some news on top of the box-office

  • Video display & record on your Terminal.

  • Remote visualization of your application pages on PC with a simple internet Browser.


Oscar for the best picture.

  • The entire family of new graphic Terminals Magelis XBT GT are now available in screen size 3,8 - 5,7 - 7,5 - 10,4 - 12,1 and 15'' . Open, they are fully Transparent Ready oriented and combine their actor performance to improve your productivity. Compact, simple and robust,... Magelis XBT GT doesn’t miss inspiration to captivate a large audience!


  • Industry: compact machines, handling systems, food & beverage machines.

  • Infrastructure & automation in Building.