Industrial PC and Displays

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Our comprehensive Magelis iPC range offers industrial PCs for improved productivity and an enhanced user experience. Choose the right industrial PC for your environment, from our wide range and be confident that they are designed to last.

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The Magelis iPC offers integrated solutions for a variety of applications and industries..

  • Simple Magelis Box and Panel PC for repetitive machines.

  • Enclosed Magelis Panel PC, IP66 on the six product faces to mount on a machine without an additional enclosure.

  • Magelis Modular Box PC and displays for plants and performance machines.

  • Magelis iDisplay as industrial remote monitors for Magelis iPC or third-party PCs.

  • The Simple Magelis Box PC and Simple Panel PC have a rugged, all-in-one, slim design for simple applications that require capabilities like maintenance-free, limited connectivity with a Windows operating system.

  • The modular Magelis Box PC and Displays are maintenance-free models designed for the most demanding environments, and comply with rigorous automation certifications, even in hazardous or marine locations. They also feature high availability options like hot-swap redundant RAID HDD and battery backup.

  • Wide screens of Magelis Simple Panel PC and modular displays are multi-touch to improve operator efficiency by navigating like a smart phone or tablet, as well IP66 and H7 hardness to fit industrial environments.

  • The Magelis Rack PC offers a complete tested and validated solution from Schneider Electric, along with PlantStruxture software Vijeo Citect, Foxboro EVO, and PlantStruxure PES. Easily installed in Actassi 19" enclosures, their hot swappable storage drive trays and low noise fans make them the best option for control rooms and labs.

  • The Magelis iPCs run on Microsoft operating systems for seamless integration into IT structures. They support Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare software for complete tested and validated solutions.

  • The Magelis iDisplay monitors have the ideal screen size and dimension ratios to be used in conjunction with iPCs. Their cut-out dimensions are the same as the Magelis Panel PCs and Magelis HMI operator panels, making upgrade installations simple.


Magelis iPC suits the following applications:

  • Plant operations.

  • Performance machines.

  • Repetitive machines and infrastructure.
  • Control rooms and labs.