Miniature circuit breaker - Acti 9 xC60 MCBs

Industrial Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) up to 63 A

For secure and sound operations in an industry, one requires a foolproof system powered by latest technology and modern infrastructure. To back the entire system and protect it from unwanted breakdown, heavy duty Miniature circuit breaker is required. Industrial MCBs are much more reliable than the domestic ones. Schneider Electric India caters the industrial segment by delivering best in class industrial Miniature circuit breaker(MCBs).

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A Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is an automatically controlled electrical switch used to safeguard and protect low voltage electrical circuits from getting damaged by excess current flowing from an overload or short circuit. During network outages, it immediately shuts off the power circuit (both fault and overload conditions). Because it is more sensitive to changes in current, the MCB is reliable in detecting such situations. In addition, when the switch operating knob is in the off position during tripping, the defective zone of the electrical circuit is clearly detected.Schneider Electric India caters to the industrial segment by delivering a diverse range of best in class industrial Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCBs).

  • Nominal current: 0.5A to 63A.

  • Large choice of breaking capacities and tripping curves: B,C,D.

  • Compliance with standards: IS/IEC 60898, IEC/EN 60898 and IEC 60947-2.

  • ISI and CE marked.

  • Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standards: IEC 60947.

  • Optional add-on earth leakage modules: xC60 Vigi.

  • Suitable for additional Protection and Indication auxiliaries: ON/OFF, Trip, Shunt trip, Undervoltage trip, Overvoltage trip, Communication Auxiliary.

  • Suitable for DC application: 60Vdc per pole.


MCB's or Miniature circuit breakers are electromechanical devices to safeguard an electrical circuit from current overload. Employed across various industries and domestic environments, a miniature circuit breaker offers several benefits like enhanced reliability, protection against short circuits, and shorter tripping time in comparison with fuses.

  • Ensures no accidental contact with live part – Finger-proof IP-20 terminals.

  • Avoids false insertion of cables and loose termination with Pull up terminals.

  • Total Flexibility : Line-Load reversibility.

  • Low cost with higher performance: Cascading. Cascading charts available From ACB-MCCB-MCB level.

  • Reduce Downtime: Discrimination. Discrimination charts available From ACB-MCCB-MCB level.

  • Easy Installation: Bi – connect terminals.

  • Increased service life: Fast Closing mechanism.

  • Environmentally friendly with 100% recyclable & recoverable materials.


  • Protection of wires and cables against Overload and Short Circuit current fault.

  • Protection of people against indirect contact in IT and TN earthing systems.

  • Suitability for isolation in the industrial sector to IEC/EN 60947-2.