PowerLogic ION7550 RTU

Remote terminal unit for data acquisition and integrated utilities metering

Part of PowerLogic

Remote terminal unit for data acquisition and integrated utilities metering.

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The PowerLogic ION7550 RTU (remote terminal unit) is an intelligent, web-enabled device ideal for combined utilities metering of water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES). The device collects, scales, and logs readings from a large number of connected meters or transducers and delivers the information to one or more head-end systems through a unique combination of integrated communication gateways.


  • Up to 10 Mbytes of memory.

  • 1 pulse output.

  • 24 digital or analogue inputs (max).

  • 30 digital or analogue outputs (max, including pulse output).

  • Ethernet port (Modbus/TCP/IP protocol).

  • Modbus TCP Master / Slave on Ethernet port.

  • Optical port.

  • RS 485 port.

  • DNP 3.0 through serial, modem, and I/R ports.

  • Modem gateway (ModemGate).

  • Internal modem.


You can reduce waste and optimise equipment operation to increase energy efficiency. Featuring a large, intuitive display; extensive digital and analog I/O; and the overall versatility of the PowerLogic system, the ION7550 RTU provides a cost-effective, dedicated WAGES solution when compared to a traditional meter.


  • WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity, steam) metering.

  • Integrated utility metering with advanced programmable math functions .

  • Data concentration through multi-port, multi-protocol communications.
  • Equipment status monitoring and control.

  • Programmable set points for out-of-limit triggers or alarm conditions.