Power supplies for industrial use, rail mounting.

Single phase and 3-phase power supplies 100 V to 500 V - 7 W to 960 W

Part of Modicon

Regulated switch mode power supplies from 0.3 to 40 A for industrial applications.

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Modular and optimum power supplies for 100-240 V single-phase networks

    Output voltage: 5, 12, 24, 48 V -7 W-145 W

  • Highly compact size

  • Wide voltage range.

  • Fixing by screw or on omega rail.

  • Universal power supplies, for networks single/3-phase 100-500 V.

  • Output voltage: 24 V and 5 to 15 V by converter modules 48 V/72 W-960 W.

  • Integrated energy reserve.

  • 6 product references from 3 A to 40 A.

  • Fixing on omega rail.

  • Advanced diagnostics by LED and relay contact.

  • Integrated anti-harmonics filter.

  • Function modules to respond to problems of network cuts, 24 VDC circuit overloads and availability.


Bring energy to your automated systems!

  • The new generation of wide operating range universal power supplies integrates a large number of new functions and offers even more user services with ingenuity by means of function modules. Designed for simple machines and applications, modular and optimum power supplies are primarily appreciated for their extreme compactness.


  • Industry and building: simple machines, conveying, process, automobile sector, etc.

  • Tertiary: garage doors, etc.