Industrial plugs and sockets IEC and dedicated enclosures

Fully compliant with IEC 60309 standard, PratiKa industrial plugs and sockets expertly combine high performance with ease of installation and practicality. Ideal for locations requiring weatherproof equipment, PratiKa industrial plugs provide installers with a simple and tool-free connection method.

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  • Pratika is a complete range of high-performance industrial plugs and sockets.

  • Pratika plugs and sockets include the FAST patented solution: this innovation enables connection without stripping the conductor and without using any tool.

  • Kadra enclosures, specifically designed to embed Pratika sockets, complete the range, making it the ultimate system for electrical distribution in locations requiring weatherproof equipment;

  • These installation solutions are:

  • Quick to connect.

  • Safe to use.

  • Functional and ergonomic.

  • Easy and intuitive.


  • Easy installation.

  • High-performance products.

  • Complete range.


  • Pratika industrial plugs and sockets are suitable for all kinds of environments: business, industry, buildings, construction sites, workshops, agriculture.