Preventa XY2 AU

Enabling grip switch.

Part of Harmony

The enabling switch contributes to safety and protects operators during adjustment and maintenance phasis on machines or robots, with an ergonomic handle.

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An ergonomic range.

  • Rounded contours for better grip by the operator.

  • Control device (membrane) located on front face of the handle with significant surface area to allow easy operation by simply grasping the hand.

  • 3-position with positive opening operation.

  • Approvals: CE, UL, CSA / certification: BG.

  • Enabling grip switch XY2AU1

  • Degree of protection IP66.

  • 2 N/O + 1 N/C contacts.

  • Pre-cabled, ISO M20 cable guide.

  • Enabling grip switch XY2AU2

  • Degree of protection IP65.

  • 2 N/O + 1 N/C contacts.

  • 1 pushbutton located on top of handle with N/O contact.

  • Pre-cabled, ISO M20 cable guide.

  • Accessories

  • Support XY2AZ1 for wall mounting of an enabling grip switch XY2AU1 or XY2AU2..

  • Cover kit XY2AZ2, including actuator, for mounting an enabling grip switch XY2AU1 on a safety guard switch XCS.

  • The combining of these enabling grip switches with Preventa safety modules or controllers XPS enables category 4 individual protection to be achieved conforming to EN 954.


Safety at all times Compact and ergonomic, the enabling grip switch XY2AU assures the comfort and safety of the operator when programming, adjusting or servicing machines. The holding of this control device at all times assures individual protection of the operator. They conform to standards EN 574 and ISO 13851.


  • For individual protection of the operator whilst servicing machining centres or robotic zones.