Current transformers

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CT current transformers.

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The CT in Merlin Gerin range are suitable for use in the entire low voltage field, 40 to 6000A.


  • The primary current can be measured in two ways:

  • CT with let-through primary.

  • CT with connection of primary by screw and nut.

  • Advantages:

  • a broad selection of ratings:from 40 to 6000A.

  • safety:sealable insulating cover.

  • installation:on symmetrical DIN rail, on mounting plate, on busbar.


Make sure you don't miss anything The PowerLogic range of TC's is a complete range suited to:

  • All current measurements from 40A to 6000A.
  • DIN rail, flush-mounted and busbar installation.


The CT current transformers deliver at the secondary a current (0-5 A) proportional to the current measured at the primary. This means that they can be used in combination with measurement devices (switchboard instrumentation, kilowatt-hour meters, Power-monitoring units...)