TeSys H

Ultra-compact, multifunctional starter for asynchronous motors.

Part of TeSys

Greater motor starter integration.

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TeSys H is a new, multifunctional starter for motors up to 3 KW/400 V. It helps to significantly reduce space in control cabinets by providing up to four functions within its 22.5 mm-wide body:

  • Forward running.

  • Reverse running.

  • Protection against motor overload and phase unbalance.

  • Safe shutdown up to SIL3/PLe (available in the Safe Torque Off variant).

  • There are two variants of the TeSys H motor starter, one for standard motor starter and another Safe Torque Off motor starter as a part of safety chains. Both designed for high demanding applications..


  • Up to 75% space reduction, which makes it suitable for all control cabinets where saving space is a priority;

  • 60% reduction of installation time, thanks to the efficiency of having embedded functions in one slim body;

  • SIL3/Ple Safe Torque Off variant, simplies design of your safety architecture.

  • A long electrical life, can perform 30 million AC53a electrical cycles which make it reliable for high demanding applications.


TeSys H can be used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, logistics, and durable goods. It’s suitable for machines like conveyors, logistics systems and feeding systems of production machines .