TeSys Deca contactors

Contactors to control motors up to 150 A (75 kW / 400 V)

Part of TeSys

Formerly named TeSys D. Contactors and reversing contactors from 9 A to 150 A (motor control), and from 20 A to 200 A (resistive load control) in 3-pole and 4-pole versions.

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  • AC, DC, low-consumption DC control circuit.

  • All types of starter: reversing or non-reversing, star/delta, by auto-transformer, etc.

  • Connectors: spring terminal, EverLink terminal block, screw clamp, ring-type connection, Faston connector.

  • Easy and simple direct mounting between contactor and circuit breaker, according to EverLink terminal block (from 40 to 65 A).


Take control of integration

In addition to its new look, the TeSys d contactor offers you quick simple setup, while maintaining a compact size of 45 and 55 mm (40 to 65 A) as well as compliance with international standards. From 40 to 65 A versions are equipped with EverLink, this new patented terminal technology, assures a permanent tightening quality even in the event of conductor creep.


Industry, infrastructure, building, etc:

  • TeSys d contactors have been designed for perfect integration in control systems.

  • They can be used to create motor starters for any type of application.