TeSys mini-vario

Safety switch disconnectors.

Part of TeSys

Enclosed DOL starters, safety switch disconnectors, thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers.

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TeSys wall-mounted DOL starters LG, LJ.

  • Enclosed DOL starters are used to control starting or stopping of the machine.

  • TeSys motor-starter solutions incorporate 2 auxiliary contacts which allow them to be integrated in safety wiring diagrams.

  • TeSys Vario switch disconnectors:-

  • Installed on an enclosure or in a cabinet, these rotary control switch disconnectors act as circuit load breakers.

  • Available in open or enclosed version.

  • Fixed on the front panel or DIN rail mounted.

  • Padlockable versions.

  • Thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers TeSys GV2-ME.


More foresight for better prevention.

  • A range of safety control products which are simple to use and set up, with compact ergonomic products to meet requirements for starting or stopping motors..


All machines requiring :

  • DOL starting or stopping of motors.

  • load breaking of the machine control circuit.