TeSys Giga contactors

Contactors to control motors up to 800 A (450 kW / 400V) or switch power up to 1050A

Part of TeSys

TeSys Giga is the range of high current contactors from 115 A to 800 A for AC-3 (motor) applications and from 250 A to 1050 A for AC-1 (resistive) applications.

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Discover TeSys Giga Motor Starters

The next-generation TeSys Giga series motor starters offer robust performance while optimizing your time on tasks thanks to:.

  • 115-800A contactors, 28-630A overload relays.

  • Self-diagnostic indicators and full-scale protection that helps speed-up corrections and prevent downtime.

  • Streamlined commercial references for much faster product selection.

  • Modular design that simplifies machine integration and maintenance.

  • Onboard PLC operation control.

Why TeSys Giga?

Ground-up design

  • Huge improvement in efficiency:

  • Product types reduced from more than 2,000 to just over 200.

  • A complete digital model library.

  • Customizable for optimal solutions.

Build and commissioning

  • Improved efficiency and installation time with:

  • Width reduced by almost 40%.

  • All-new design for simple installation that can be installed by a single technician.

Operation and maintenance

  • Reduced maintenance time

  • Full-scale protection.

  • Full-scale protection.

  • Parts replacement in under 10 minutes.

  • New self-diagnosis function indicates machine condition, effectively avoiding downtime.Compatible with all types of lighting.