Vigi for Acti9 NG125

Residual current add-on device up to 125 A for NG125

Part of 9 Series

Immune to disturbances and easy to install, the residual current add-on device can be quickly connected to Acti9 NG125 circuit breakers with minimum fuss.

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Discover Acti9 Vigi NG125

Immune to disturbances and easy to install:

Acti9 Vigi NG125 is the add-on residual current device designed specifically to work with Acti9 NG125 miniature circuit breakers up to 125A.

It complies with IEC/EN61009-2-1 standard to offer the following earth leakage protection functions:

  • Protection of people against electric shocks by direct contact (30mA).

  • Protection of people against electric shocks by indirect contact (300mA).

  • Protection of installations against risks of fire (300mA)..

Benefits of Acti9 Vigi NG125

Modular & flexible

  • Improved flexibility of rating selection vs RCBOs.

  • Lower cost of installation due to cascading tables for NG125 MCB.

  • On-product adjustable settings:- Tripping sensitivity from 30mA to 3A.

  • Tripping time from instantaneous to selective and delayed.

  • Pre-Alarm thresholds can be set as a percentage of Idn.

Easy Installation

  • Foolproof design to ensure that the right Vigi add-on block is fitted with the right NG125 MCB.

  • Plug-in system of QuickVigi that removes the need to screw at the terminals.

  • Easy to remove from DIN rail without unwiring.

Ease of operation

  • Wide range of indicating and actuating auxiliaries for remote control and monitoring.

  • Earth fault indication by LED on product front face or remotely.

  • Pushbutton for disconnection to allow for dielectric test.

  • Easy to remove from DIN rail without unwiring.

Enhanced safety and Service Continuity

  • Its Super Immune technology (-SI) associated with a protection class Type A will limit nuisance tripping and non-tripping in harsh electromagnetic conditions and polluted atmospheres.

  • Pre-defined threshold of the alarm will monitor the earth leakage levels of your installation to prevent possible tripping thus improving the continuity of service.


Facts about Acti9 Vigi NG125.

  • Compliant with IEC/EN61009.

  • Voltage independent technology compliant with IEC/EN61009-2-1.

  • Available in 2P, 3P, and 4P up to 125A.

  • Sensitivity (adjustable on a product): 30, 300, 1000, and 3000mA.

  • Available in Type AC, Type A, and Type A-SI.

  • Tripping time (adjustable on a product): instantaneous, selective (60ms), or delayed (150ms).

  • Insulation voltage (Ui): 690V.

  • Pollution Degree: 3.

  • Rated impulse withstands voltage (Uimp): 8kV.

  • Test button.

  • Operating temperature: -5°C +60°C Type AC, -25°C +60°C Type A and A-SI.

  • Wide range of tripping coil auxiliaries (MN, MNx, MX+OF).

  • Wide range of indicating auxiliaries (OF+OF, OF+SD).

  • SDV auxiliary for remote tripping indication.

  • MXV auxiliary for remote tripping actuation.

  • Wide range of accessories including rotative handles and terminal shields.